#WeeklyMenu Week 164

It makes my heart happy to see my oldest son pick up a book. Especailly when its the book that I wrote. I told him that I added a new character into the sequel call ed Phoenix, named after him. He was supper excited and can't wait for me to finish it. Its going to be a while though, these things don't just happen over night.

I'm done with the first draft, so the story is there, but now it needs to be redrafted and drafted and drafted, before I edit it and then submit it to my publisher. That's the point that I cross my fingers.

I can't wait to share it with you though. There's going to be someone you never saw coming and a blast from Hutner's past. It's one thrilling ride that you don't want to miss.






- Spaghetti

- Tuna Sandwiches

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