#BookReview Demorn: Blade of Exile by David Finn @redlantern2051

Title: Demorn: Blade of Exhile
By: David Finn
Genre: Fantasy
Release Date: December 4th, 2015

Summary from Goodreads:

Demorn will go anywhere, sell her blade to the gods themselves, to resurrect her dead girlfriend's soul!

Demorn has been the exile of dead world since she was thirteen. Reality has been infected, setting up different Universes and wiping the memories of the population throughout past and present. Her birthplace, Asanti was destroyed in aftershocks. It’s known as the Fracture Event.

She belongs to the Innocents, a Clubhouse of mercenaries and assassins based inside the future city of Babelzon.

Uncovering a terrifying conspiracy of multi-dimensional demon gods hiding in plain sight, she must risk everything in a desperate quest for something bigger than a bounty if Babelzon and everything she loves are to be saved! 

This book started off with a bang. The main character, an epic heroin births a blade of fire from her chest. How much more exciting could it get? I found that I was quickly lost though, There was a lot of world building that was missing and I couldn't keep up with the scene changes and new magical things that had no previous explanation. I have to say though, this author has a way with words and kept me reading all the way to the end.

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