Menu: Week 137

Its the week before Easter and it also happens to be Spring Break. That means the kids are home from school and they are going to the in-laws while I work, instead of my parents home. Its a much longer drive, so everyone is going to be waking up a lot earlier. Its shaping up to be a long week.

It was an amazing week last week. I got a promotion at work. I'm going to be moving on to a new location and learning lots of new and exiting things. This is a whole new chapter in the world of "Adulting" that I can't wait to start.

This weeks menu is going to be pretty simple since I will be on the road all day and won't want to cook anything extravagant when I get home. Enjoy!

- Cheese steak quesadilla

Loaded chicken taco salad

Cheesy taco skillet

- Spaghetti

- Gluten free Lasagna

- Pizza

- Easter dinner at Gustav's

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