10 Christmas Traditions to Start This Year

With this being the first Christmas in our new house, my husband and I wanted to start some new family traditions that the boys could be excited to look forward to.

1. The Tree Hunt -This year, our new tradition was hunting for the perfect tree. In the past, we had a fake tree due to limited space and funds. Now that we have an amazing living room area, we wanted to fill it with the smell of fresh pine. The kids were super excited and eager to trek through the mud, but of course the two younger monsters fell asleep in the car on the way to the tree farm. We still managed to pick up a nice little tree for our home.

2. The Minivan Express - There is this great idea out there on the Confessions of a homeschooler blog. Its a fun way to to take a ride to see all the lights and incorporate the polar express experience. Check it out.

3. Christmas Story Advent Calendar - This year I got the boys one of those cheesy advent calendars where you open the door and find a stupid little piece of chocolate inside. I've done it, you've done it. Who hasn't? Maybe next year i'll try buying the boys a book for every day and having them unwrap it before bed time. That way we can snuggle and read a good story.

4. Christmas Ornament - I've done this one in the past and it is a great one to fill your tree with memories. Every year, purchase a new ornament that means something to you and your family. Have your kids pitch in and pick one out. After a few years your tree will be filled with memories instead of those matching sparkle balls that you buy in a twenty pack.

5. Leave Your Shoes out for Santa - This is kind of along the lines of a stocking. Leave your shoes by the fire place or tree for Santa to fill with goodies for Christmas morning. The kids will love waking up to a special treat.

6. The Christmas Pickle - There is an old German folk tale where the pickle was the last thing to be placed on the tree. It was hidden deep down inside the bows of the tree and the lucky child who found it would get a year of good luck. This could be fun, but I would suggest you not use a real pickle...

7. Advent Activity - Another advent idea is to have an activity to do each day before Christmas. It could be sledding with Daddy, or seeing Christmas lights. How about making Christmas cookies. You could really use your imagination on this one.

8. Christmas Movie - This is one that my boys would love. They love having movie night and staying up late to cuddle on the couch with me. Pick a Christmas movie, pop some popcorn and let the snuggles begin.

9. Elf on the Shelf - I've heard a lot of fun things about this tradition, but I neither have the time or will power at the end of the day to pull it off. If you've never heard of the elf on the shelf, then google it and enjoy the laughs.

10. Visit Santa - Of course, if you're going to do anything, make sure you get a picture with Santa. Your kids will either love it or hate you for all eternity. :)

And of course, you can always come up with your own new traditions that your family will love. I plan on getting some really fluffy socks and cuddling up next to my hubby with a cup of hot coco. Merry Christmas!   

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