Findings Friday #10

Happy Friday! Its been another week of craziness here in the house of chaos but we've managed to make it through without any terribly maimed extremities or loss of life. In the chaos I've found relaxation surfing Pinterest and I've found some awesome posts for you to check out.

  • First up, we have Angalina from Angalina is. She is from the bay area and she has this amazing post about accepting herself. She is also an amazing fashionista and you should really check her out.
  • You all know that I can't look away from a good meme. Here is a list of some funny ones to get you through your day.  
  • I love owls! This could possibly be a DIY project for next weekend. Check out this awesome DIY owl air freshener
  • I was trying to come up with a present for my mother-in-laws birthday and this is what I came across. We made something similar and it will be up on the blog sometime soon, but until then check out this DIY apron tutorial
  • I know I've posted something similar to this before, but I just love how cool and easy these DIY candle holders would be to make. I especially love the aspen wood.
That's all that I have for you this week. Now I must go save my middle sons Styrofoam airplane from the toddler. It's already a lost cause but I don't need him pooping Styrofoam for days. Have a good weekend.

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