DIY refinished iron garden bench

My husband and I went a little cray this weekend with our DIY projects but we felt so accomplished at the end of the day.

One night my husband called me outside after he got home from work. He was totally excited as he lead me to the side of the house to show me his side of the road find. To my surprise, he brought me an old iron garden bench that needed a lot of work. It was painted brown with black cast iron. The wood was broken in several places and rotting out. Silly me didn't get a picture of it before my hubby tore it apart but you can imagine how it looked. It was bad enough for someone to leave it on the side of the road and even worse when it was still there at the end of the day in North Portland when my husband picked it up.

The project took us about two weekends and cost a little over $40. He poured our hearts into this bench and brought it back to life. I am proud to display it in my yard and relax on it in the sun when the boys are romping around in the grass.

We had so much fun finishing the first one, my husband stole the decrepit bench from my parents front yard while they were just inside watching a football game and we restored that one too. They look amazing. Check it out.

This is my parents bench. So pretty!

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