Findings Friday

I've had a lot of time to scour Pinterest this week and find you some really awesome finds. Check out the list below to see what I pined or follow this link to check out my boards.

  • I have these Macho Nachos on the menu for the week. They look amazingly delicious and I can't wait to try them.
  • Because its been such a hard week with my dad's heart attack, I've relied a lot on my faith to get me through. Here are some inspiring bible versus for hard times.
  • I couldn't get through my week without a little fashion. Check out this amazing dress and find a new fashion blog to follow.
  • If you're a cat person like I am, you know that when you need a little comforting your feline companion is always there.
  • Our country has some amazing natural sense. Check out this site to see some awesome photos of the natural beauty that surrounds us.
That's all for today. If you have a photo that you would like featured send it my way at shenderson(at) and I'll share it here on my blog.

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