Ye olde mustard chair

Decorating doesn't always come easy to everyone. I can tell you from experience it take a lot of practice to figure out what your true style is and how to pull it off in the space you have. It wasn't until we moved into our new home that I actually got the hang of it myself.

For me it all starts with a statement piece and you build from there. My statement piece happens to be this really old and stained chair that sits in the corner of my living room. I love the character it has, even with its tattered seat and hole filled lattice it still has great color. Mustard yellow!

It gives our living room a real rustic look and I've learned to build around it. The pictures on the wall are similar colors and the throw rug is a deep chocolate brown that really brings out the color of the wood in the floors and chair.

What kind of paintings do I have on my wall you might ask? Well, Van Gogh of course. I love the starry night series. Three paintings that are connected in a beautiful but simple way. The only one i'm missing is this one here. If any one wants to buy it for me, feel free. I'm always up for donations. :)

I think the real key to decorating any room is to find something that you love. Something that you look at and see potential. And of course find inspiration. It's everywhere. Out doors. In books. On the internet. You can find it anywhere as long as you keep your eyes open to new experiences.

Now, you all know about my Pinterest obsession, well lately I've been obsessed with a new site, There is so much to look at and pull inspiration from that you could be lost there for days. I would encourage you to check it out (especially their furniture section. I love the chairs myself.) and let me know what you've found.

Send me an email with your decorating tips to Shendersonphoto(@) and I'll post it here on the blog.

This one is a 3000 piece puzzle and yes I put it together... By myself.

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