Removing grease from clothing

The stains might be a little hard to see, but they are there.
This weeks DIY is more of a Susie homemaker kind of project, but its a great life hake that everyone should know about.

I recently bought a new shirt and then stupidly cooked some chicken nuggets on the stove while wearing it. The grease from the frying pan splattered all over my front and I was so pissed at myself I threw the shirt on the floor. Of course it accidentally got washed and I was even more upset with myself for setting the stain before I was able to try and treat it.

After many hours of remorse and a little bit of time on Pinterest, I found this little gem that removes set in grease stains. Check it out.

What you will need:
Baking soda
A flat surface

Step one,
Place your piece of clothing on a flat surface and sprinkle a good amount of baking soda on the affected area. I left the powder on there over night because I wasn't sure how long it would take to work.
Step two,
The baking soda should start to ball up from sucking the grease out of your garment. :)

Step three,
Dust off the powder. I dumped it in the sink. There were little white spots where the grease stains were. I'm not sure if this was normal, but the powder rubbed off when I touched it with my fingers.
Step four,
I put my shirt in the wash and hung it to dry. I wouldn't suggest putting it in the dryer until you are sure the stains are gone. Don't want to double bake them.
After the shirt dried I couldn't find the grease stains. I'm pretty sure they are gone and I am super happy that I get to wear my brand new shirt again.

If you've tried this experiment and its worked or hasn't worked for you, I would love to hear from you. Or if you know of another great way to remove set in grease stains from clothing send me an email at shendersonphoto(@) 

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