The Birthday Board

Today's DIY is actually an old project that I put together for another one of my blog years ago. It needed a little updating.

I gave this birthday board to my mom a few years back. It had all the birthday's of my immediate family on it sorted by month and date. Since then, we've added four new members with one more on the way and the board has fallen apart slightly.

Over the weekend I stole the board from my moms, spent about $5.00 on supplies and redid the board with ribbon instead of hooks. It worked way better and the hooks didn't fall out when the board was hanging.

What you will need to make this awesome reminder of how many birthdays are in your family:
A board big enough to hold all the months
Glue gun
Wooden coins (We have the 1.5 inch)
2 hooks
Letter stencils

To start, I used the letter stencils and sharpies to write out the "Birthday" letters. Then i just free handed the month letters. I wrote everyone's birth dates on a wooden coin and then hot glued them to a piece if ribbon. The ribbon then is glued to the back of the board. Its a pretty simple DIY project.

I'm currently waiting on more wooden coins since all the local Joann fabric stores and Michael's Crafts were out of the size I wanted (Had to order them from Amazon) to finish this project completely. My family now has at least one birthday per month.

Good luck on your DIY project and as always, I would love to see pictures of what your birthday board looks like. Email me at ShendersonPhoto(at)

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