Style me 7-27

I don't think most of you know that i'm 5'11", so sometimes its hard to find clothes that fit my tall frame. I've been forced to stick with brands that I know will fit which gives me less of a variety in my wardrobe. I've been lucky enough since I started loosing weight to find a few items that I really love and with the snap of cool weather we've had the last few days, I was inspired to put together an outfit that reflects my inner warmth.

Sticking with my tomboy/boho style I've got tthree obsessions i'd like to share with you today.

First is the tribal pattern sweatshirt that I picked up at Ross for a whopping $5.99. It is so comfortable, but at the same time not overly warm. Its just what I need on a sixty degree day in the summer time.

Second is my newly fitting Levi 524 supper low straight leg jeans. Since I lost weight they don't squeeze my hips too much and their straight leg is not to tight, but not to loose either.

Third is my new brown Oxford shoes that I purchased from Amazon. It can be hard to find a larger sized shoe and these fit great on my big boats.

So to put it all together:
Sweatshirt: Ross $5.99
Jeans: Levi - $19.99
Shoes: Breckelle's - $25

This style is so comfortable for me I wish I had another sweatshirt like this tribal one. If you find any let me know.

Check out this way to wear this look in warmer weather. I'm totally going to try this.

You could still wear the Oxfords with this lighter tribal style shirt or wear a nice sandal. Check out more of Lindsey's style on her blog Pillow Thoughts.

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