DIY custom door mat

I've got another easy DIY project for you. Check out this cool custom door mat.
 We had a plain brown door mat with nothing on it, so we turned it into this custom welcomer that warns people who come over to our house about what goes on inside. Now, you don't have to put words on your mat. I've seen it done with the house number alone, but as for me, I wanted something that speaks to me.

What you will need:

1. A door mat that is blank or has a blank spot in the middle.
2. Stencils
3. Black Sharpies

After I decided what I wanted to write on my mat, I laid out the stencils so I wasn't terribly lop sided when I started coloring.

I love how this project looks next to my DIY solar light. Its an easy and great way to bring your front porch to life.

Please leave me a comment about your favorite front porch DIY projects or send me an email to SHendersonPhoto(at)

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