How Grandpabbie ruined lives

Like so many Americans and people across the world I have been stricken with the Frozen bug. "Let it go," plays non stop in my house, in my car and in my head. I even hear it at work which most the time makes me want to pull my hair out. The really sad part is... I have boys.

My youngest son, who will be two in a few short days, is obsessed with everything Frozen. The minute we get home from a long day of me being at work, he asks "Show. Show?" And the only thing that will appease that little hellion is that darn movie. For a while there I was able to distract him with Guardians of the Galaxy or Captain American: Winter Solder. Two movies I can stand, but now we are back to the grind.

With all my in depth knowledge about Frozen I have come to the conclusion that Hans is really not the bad guy. In fact he is just a miss led boy who has no idea that this whole thing was set up by the most evil villain that Disney has ever seen... Grandpabbie...

Lets face it folks. This evil little monster could have saved Anna and Elsa's family a lot of heart ache if he had just told their parents how dumb they were. Really? Conceal, don't feel, don't let it show? That is the worst idea ever.

I've made a list of people who might have been better off if Grandpabbie had the guts to give the King the what for.

1. Anna wouldn't have been deprived of human contact and wouldn't have spent her entire childhood staring at a clock and asking people to build a snowman.
2. Elsa wouldn't have been a shut in with adebilitating fear issues that froze a whole kingdom.
3. The King and Queen might not have gone on their little boat ride (Probably looking for someone who could help Elsa) There for they wouldn't have drowned and floated to shore on a deserted island to give birth to Tarzan who was then raised by apes. (These people should of never had kids.)
4. Kristoff would have still been raised by trolls but he might have found a nice girl who also loved ice as much as he did. They could have carved ice at sunset together. (How romantic)
5. There wouldn't have been a coronation ball to bring out creepo Hans. He might have found another kingdom to ruin by the time Elsa ruled Erindale.
6. The people of Erindale might have learned if the wood is drier bark up or bark down. (Just a thought.)
7. The Duke of Weiseltown wouldn't have forced his sons to become murderers and subsequently loose the biggest trade account he had. 
8. What about Olaf you say? Well, our dear little snowman surly would have been made a long time before Elsa's flight into the mountains and there for have lived many summers by then. 

This could have all been avoided if Grandpabbie had just had some balls and slapped the King in the face. You know I'm right. 

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts who the biggest villain is in Frozen. Leave me a comment below or send me an email and I'll post your thoughts to my blog SHendersonPhoto(at) 

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