Menu: Week 80

I think its safe to say that my eldest looks nothing like me. He doesn't have a single one of my features, poor kid... I love him just the same.

This week we had little women night, and if you don't know what little women night is, I'm about to inform you.

Once a year, the women in my family get together to watch our favorite Christmas time movie... Little Women.

We don't just watch the movie though, we quote and act out the entire thing. The experience is not for the faint of heart.

We were missing a few key players. Caitlin our sister, who we lovingly deemed Beth this year since she was sick and Beth has a tendency to get sick every year and die... Strange. Liv, aka... Beyonce. Miss you! And our newest member Julie, who was camping with her husband. We will forgive you... Just this once.

We did have a a good sport stop by for a little of the movie and dinner. Thanks for coming Jackie... You better show up next year so we can assign you a character. :)

All though the night ended in a terrifying headlock and my sisters licking my feet and exclaiming "This is for 20 years of you torturing us," The night was a blast. Next year i'm wearing socks!

- Asian beef noodle soup

- Tuna sandwiches

- Ham and cheese sliders

Cheesy chicken broccoli and rice

- Sloppy Joes



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