Crochet Coffee Cozy

Hello everyone! I would like to share a fun holiday crochet pattern with you that comes straight from the rainy Northwest and was recently featured on the Skip to my Lou web site. 

If there is one thing we know here in Cascadia, its coffee. The warmth, the smell, the smooth goodness of roasted coffee beans in the morning. There is only one thing that puts a damper on my experience… That darn cardboard cover that’s tacky beyond belief. If only there was something else that was warm and comfy to make my day… Oh wait, there is. Try this easy coffee cup cozy and recycle that cardboard instead.

What you will need:
Your favorite color of yarn.
Size H crochet hook.
2 buttons.
Needle for darning in the ends.

This pattern is for a tall coffee, but you can add two extra stitches to the chain for grande and four for vente.

  1. Chain 11. Turn.
  2. *Single crochet (SC) in second chain from hook. SC across. Chain 1. Turn
  3. Repeat from * for 8 inches.
  4. On last row, SC in first 2 stitches. Chain 4. Skip 2 stitches and SC in next 2 stitches. Chain 4. Skip 2 stitches and SC in last 2 stitches. Fasten off.
  5. Darn in ends, sew on buttons and get yourself a nice hot cup of coffee.

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