Menu: Week 71

For Veterans Day the family took a trip down to Tillamook. My oldest had been begging me for a while to get some squeeky  cheese and how could I say no. I LOVE CHEESE! For lunch we stopped at my favorite coastal restaurant, The Schooner on Netarts Bay. Ronan colored a pirate treasure map and shared it with the table of young men next to us. I think they accepted him into their band of brothers. He is so funny some times. Well, on to another week. The boys have a Blazer game tonight which means I get a night off with only the baby. Can't wait.

- Blazer game - No dinner

- Cajun chicken Caesar salad

- Chicken Bacon Lasagna rolls (didn't get to try them last week)

- Spaghetti

Chicken potato chowder

- Korean beef bowls

- Dinner with the In-laws

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