Menu: Week 34

So, yesterday we decided to make gluten free waffles. I have never made waffles from scratch, let alone gluten free ones, so I went on to Pinterest to find a recipe.
The first recipe looked like a disquiet and stuck to the waffle maker.
The second recipe was too sweet and tasted like cake. It was good, but too much for breakfast.
So, the waffle adventure ended in disaster, but we had fun cooking.

In the afternoon, the kids all came down with fevers and head aches. I decided we should watch some movies and rest. My first choice was Chicken Run. Funny movie. Everyone should see it. Second came Bob the Builder, by Ronan's request. Not my style. The third was Nim's Island. I love that movie and it turns out, I was also the only one watching it at this point. Oh well, their loss.

Today, we took a trip to Forrest Grove to have breakfast at McMenamins Grand Lodge. Never been there, so thought what the heck. Its a really interesting place. I would love to go back.

So, now without further adieu, the menu.

- Stromboli

- Spaghetti

- Santa Fe baked chicken

- Lasagna

- Chicken and Shrimp fried rice

- Dinner with the in-laws

- Chili Cheese dogs

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