How to repair stripped out screw holes

We recently got new kitchen cabinets installed, they are gorgeous and I love them, but because the old screw holes were already stripped then new cabinets wont stay on the wall. I hate it when I open the door and the whole thing falls off the wall.

We thought about trying a few things like getting longer screws or trying to replace the wood the doors were screed into, but it would either be too expensive or my husband was afraid to ruin the cabinets them selves.

Finally I found this handy little tip from my husbands Handy Man magazine and voila, My cabinets don't fall off any more.

All you need is wood glue (about $2.00) and some tooth picks (About $.50)

First, cover the end of the tooth pick in wood glue. Put as many tooth picks in the screw hole as will fit. Make sure they are in there tightly.

Second, let the glue dry before you cut the excess off the tooth picks.

Third, screw your cabinet doors back on.

Easy peasy!

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