Menu: Week 20

I can't believe we have been doing a weekly menu for 20 weeks now. We've had so much fun cooking together and not to mention the money we've saved. Now a days we don't even want to go out for dinner because we know we can make something better at home for a fraction of the price. Its AWESOME!
This week my little Ronan dropped a rock on his toe, turning it black and blue. I guess he wanted it to match his black and blue eye from last week when he tripped and hit hi face on his toy box. That kid is a monster.
Phoenix has started the second term of kindergarten. At his rate he will be done with classes by the beginning of January. He will get to start 1st grade then.
And dont forget little Liam. He rolled over for the first time this week. The little guys going to be 4 months Saturday. I can't believe how fast my little guy is growing.
Well, on to the food since my weekly menu is a day late.

- Dinner in Astoria (Baked Alaska)

- Jason's cousins ham recipe (I have no idea what is in it but my husband is going to cook it)


- Pizza Night


- Caprese Burgers  (pictured above)

- Left overs or sloppy joes

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