Artican Chapter 22

The brother smiled that weary smile again. “It’s because she is special Tull. She will bring our people into the light where we belong.”
I stared down into the face of the infant. I knew that face and I knew the man who was holding her. It was my father. The vision seemed so clear to me now. Tull had shown me the first time he had seen me. My uncle Tull, as a boy, trying hard to understand what his brother was saying. None of it made sense till now.

Grief and longing overcame me. All I wanted to do was climb into those strong arms again and be held by my father. Feel the love that I saw before me for that little baby, but I couldn’t. Life had been cruel to me and taken him from me before I could remember him clearly. But at least I had this, a face to hold onto. Tull had given me that and I would be forever grateful. The vision began to fade leaving us in darkness again.

83500 / 94000 words. 89% done!

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