Artican Chapter 13

Farenan’s piercing eyes gazed into mine with a fire I hadn’t seen in him before. “I’m going to hunt down the Artican’s and rule over them like my father had wanted me too. Then with the power of the cold ones I will bring down the rest of the free world, with you by my side of course.”
 I was stunned. I hadn’t planned on him telling me the truth, not even half of the truth. I just stood there with my mouth open searching for something to say. He was going after my people, the Artican’s. How could I stop this?

“Don’t worry my dear. It’s going to be easy.” Just then my cart came and Farenan guided me to the warmth of the fir. “Get some sleep. We still have a few days march ahead of us. I will need you strong for the battle.”

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