The wayward Eliphant

Some times as a mother you have to deal with some pretty ridiculous things your children throw at you. My four year old son is the king of ridiculous, but even though he over reacts to every little thing, he has the biggest heart that I've ever met.

Meet my son's favorite elephant. His Nana gave it to him for Easter and the two have been inseparable ever since. He sleeps with it, he takes it on long car rides and he holds some pretty interesting conversations with it. Did I mention he named it Elephant. He also named his turtle, Turtle but that's a different story.

Some how Elephant the elephant made his way into little brothers crib around bed time, big mistake. My two year old likes to eat and destroy things to no end. We like to say "Hulk smash" when ever he gets that look on his face of pure destruction. The battle cry is also quit terrifying if you ever come face to face with it.

So, poor little Elephant spent some time with Hulk child and consequently lost one of his eyes. When my older son found his little buddy tears began to stream. He was heart broken and came running to me. "Mommy, Elephant lost his eye. How will he be able to see anything? He will never be able to see again."

He was so sad there was nothing I could do to calm him down. I took Elephant and told my son that I would take care of him for a while and then sent the boy back to bed. A few minutes later I popped into his bedroom to check on him and give him some great news.

Elephant hand grown his eye back! Thanks to a black sharpie marker and quick thinking on mommies part, Elephant was healed and my son wiped the tears from his eyes and curled up with his friend and went to sleep.

This would make an awesome children's book. If only I could find someone to illustrate it, I would totally write it.

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