Mt Tabor hike

Today was a special day. It was the first hike my boys went on and by the way it went, it definitely wont be the last.

We went up to Mt Tabor which is fairly close to where we live. They had three hikes, the easiest one being only a mile long. So we thought if worst came to worst we could each carry a child the rest of the way. A mile is a piece of cake for us.

The trail was so easy, not very big hills to go up. My younger son Ronan who is almost two ran the entire way with only a short trip on dads shoulders. I'm pretty sure he just wanted a different view of the reservoir down below.

We all were having a lot of fun till Ronan lost his binky in the reservoir. Ronan didn't really care that it was gone but my older son Phoenix sobbed for a long time. Apparently the binky meant a lot to him even though it was his brothers. He even offered to jump in to the water and bring it back. This coming from the kid who is afraid of getting his head wet in the shower, I don't think so. Plus that's drinking water. I guess I should apologize to the entire city of Portland for my son's saliva being mixed into your tap water, he didn't throw it, it really was an accident.

So, take a look at some of these fun photos before you hit the sack tonight.

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