A mouse in the house

If there is one thing that I can't stand, it would have to be mice. They eat my food and leave poop all over the place.

We've tried everything to get rid of them and sometimes they are gone for a while and sometimes I find little presents from them in the worst places. I hate having an old house.

I jump at any chance to get back at the little critters, so this morning when I was minding my own business sitting on the couch watching the news and I heard the cat food bag crinkle, I knew that I would get my revenge.

Normally, I call my husband, Jason to take care of these kinds of things, but he was still asleep so I decided to be brave and take a look in the bag.

There it was, a little mouse. His eyes were so big as he stared back at me. Then he jumped at me and I freaked out and dropped the bag. Thankfully the mouse was still in it when I picked up back up. I quickly folded the top down to trap the little sucker in the cat food bag and went and woke my husband anyway.

He wasn't too pleased, but he is a great husband and helped me with out complaining. Jason's way of catching the mouse was to put the bag in the bath tub and try to trap the furry rodent with a plastic container. It was the funniest thing. That mouse was fast.

He finally caught the critter and the rest is history. I guess some days you are met with challenges that take a little creativity to over come. :)

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