Hike #42 - Latourell Falls take 2

I love this part of the blog where I get to share the awesome adventures I've been on with all you readers out there. Last Saturday was Latourell Falls and this time we actually did the hike. The weather was nice, (nice and windy), and the sun was out, sending warm rays our way. I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.
We also took along our friend Amy and her little dog Sadie. They had a blast and even though it was only a 2.6 mile hike we all got some good exercise. We even took some fun pictures along the way.

If anyone is looking for an easy walk on a sunny afternoon do the Latourell hike. Its doesn't even seem like 2.6 miles and its not very steep.

Coming next weekend (If the weather is nice) Horse tail and Pony tail falls.

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