Hike #43 Part 1- Wahkeena Falls

Here's another addition of lets go on a road trip. We had an amazing day driving up the Oregon Gorge and an even greater time on the longest and hardest hike of my life.I can't believe I survived.
I was all pumped this morning to go on this hike. The last hike I was on we went 2.5 miles on a slightly steep trail and I was fine, so I thought this would be a piece of cake just a little longer. I got myself in over my head, and since I have an issue with pulmonary hemorrhaging when I over exert myself in cold weather, I had a hard time keeping my breathing under control without stopping a dozen times to catch my breath.
My legs didn't get tired till we hit the top, which is a great thing since I wasn't able to lift my legs up to take another step. I was thankful for the down hill portion of the hike.
Near the top my husband Jason kept telling me "We're almost there, its just around the corner." He lied. Like four times. And just when I thought the trail was going back down, it went back up even steeper than before.
The scenery was beautiful though. On the way up we followed a river with so many little water falls and rapids. It was amazing.  
The top was foggy and we really couldn't see anything, although I did get some really cool fog shots. Check these out.

Even though I complained most the way up and my husband complained most the way down, we had a blast. The weather was odd, but nice and the scenery was amazing. I can't wait till next time we get to go on a hike. Maybe I'll pick something a little easier.

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