Monday, March 5, 2018

Orange Chicken Time! | #WeeklyMenu Week #239

Monday! Welcome back for another week of being an adult. On this weeks edition we learn how to cook... Just kidding... I'm not going to teach you to cook. That would be ridiculous. A girl who used to be made fun of for her cooking. The girl who "burned water." Guess what, haters? I'm an amazing cook now. Watch your back. 

I'm really loving my instant pot. We made the most amazing mac and cheese the other night for kids night. It was soooo goood, but of course, the boys hated it. That's how it always go. Oh well, more for me. 

I hope you enjoy this weeks menu!

- Spaghetti 


Instant Pot Beef Stew and Potatoes


- Kids night - Ramen Soup


Leftovers Night

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