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Would you read this novel?

Its 8 o'clock on a Saturday morning. The kids are still asleep, husband is off to work, and the littlest monster in my tummy hasn't started kicking me yet.
I don't have many moments like this where the only sound is of my fingers flying across my keyboard, oh, and the ever vigilant munching of our fat cat Sysco. (Why don't you go catch a mouse or something?)
So I've decided to take this rare opportunity to do a much needed re write on my query letter for my first novel.
The first one was ok. After reading it over and over myself, ive found that it was confusing and hard to pick out the story line. Figures, its hard for me to get the jumbled thoughts in my brain out on paper correctly.
So, i've decided to post it to see if its a little less confusing, and as always, find out if this would be something that the everyday consumer would want to read.
Don't worry about hurting my feelings, I have a hard shell. :)
Thanks for your input!

Query letter for my novel …