Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hike #26 Cape Lookout

So, the real hike we intended on doing while on vacation last weekend was actually really scary and we ended up turning back almost 2 miles in due to hurricane force winds and a sheer cliff that I didn't want to fall off of. This is hike number 26 from
At the time we didn't think we had made it very far before turning back, but after we saw a map of the trail we were sadly disappointed to know that  we had almost made it to the end and should have kept going.
It was a nice hike though and I surprised myself at how easy it was for me. 
When my husband announced last week that he was taking me on a 5 mile hike I was a little skeptical that I was going to sweet a bunch and  make a fool out of myself by being winded half way back. I made myself proud. I was soar the next day though, but it was a great feeling.
We managed to find the marker for a 1943 WW2 airplane crash that happened on the cape. We were actually looking for it on the way down, but didn't notice it till we were headed back up. I guess its because we were on a cliff that was maybe four feet wide with no railings. I think I was a little distracted. 
The ten feet of railing in this one spot should have given it away. To bad the railing was falling off the cliff!
Heard a lot of creaking trees in this part. Made me nervous.
Netarts Bay
Jason decided to go out on the log just as a huge gust of wind came along. He almost fell, and if he had, I would have captured it on film.
 Another crazy adventure in the life of a Henderson. I can't wait to see what the road brings me to next. Maybe some of you out there would like to join me next time. Its always a blast!

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