Hike #21 Cape Meares

The road to Cape Meares
My husband and I have decided to do more hiking this summer as something we can do together as a couple and for more exercise. Little did we know that on our beach trip last weekend we would go on two hikes and not even know it.
Our first adventure, which happens to be the unknown hike was Cape Meares light house which is hike number 21 on oregonhiking.com. We took the easy hike that was 0.6 miles round trip so not a very long one, but nice just the same.
A little history on the light house that I borrowed from the above mentioned web page.

"An 1890 lighthouse and an ancient spruce forest top this dramatic bluff. The headland’s name honors British Captain John Meares, who built a fur-trading fort in Nootka, Alaska and sailed south in 1788 questing for the great river of the Northwest. He overlooked the Columbia and turned back here. "

From the trail head we found an amazing view of the cape on both sides. I can't believe how beautiful the ocean can be. I think that's why I love it so much, it takes my breath away every time I see it.

We stopped to take a few pictures to prove that we were there.  
Me and my husband Jason at the top of Cape Meares
Me being a nerd like usual
At the end of the "hike" 

Us at the light house as it began to hail out of no where.
Maybe next time we'll take the more difficult 3.6 mile hike in that area. If we only knew, right? The greatest thing about this trip was the time I got to spend with my husband and the amazing things that I got to experience. Like dime size hail coming out of no where.

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