Book Review: Yumi and the Nightmare Painter by Brandon Sanderson

My book review of Yumi and the Nightmare Painter by Brandon Sanderson.

Title: Yumi and the Nightmare Painter

By: Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 480

Release Date: July 1st, 2023

Publisher: Dragonsteel Entertainment

Rating: ★★★★☆


Summary from Goodreads:

#1 New York Times bestselling author Brandon Sanderson brings us a gripping story set in the Cosmere universe told by Hoid, where two people from incredibly different worlds must compromise and work together to save their worlds from ruin.

Yumi comes from a land of gardens, meditation, and spirits, while Painter lives in a world of darkness, technology, and nightmares. When their lives suddenly become intertwined in strange ways, can they put aside their differences and work together to uncover the mysteries of their situation and save each other’s communities from certain disaster?


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I found everything about this book to be super unique. I've never been enveloped in a world like this and probably will never be again. Brandon Sanderson has a wonderful vision and execution of his writing. He is truly a treasure.

Yumi is quiet and sweet. She follows the rules, but feels a deep longing for change. The Painter is troubled to his core, but dreams of so much more. They are poler opposites, but just what the other needs.

They fight a battle on two fronts, taking over each others lives in strange ways. Painter in Yumi's body, but Yumi in Painters place. Together they need to figure out why the spirits have brought them together, but it won't be easy.

As the shadows close in, truths are revealed that I promise you wont see coming. With the mystery of the ending looming, you will definitely have to read this book.

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