Life Confessions: Post #9


The lifestyle of a PNW mom, avid reader, exballerina and food lover. 

It has been a long week. The boys are back to school and I'm trying to get used to our new schedule. It makes it harder since I don't have backup anymore with my husbands new work hours. I'm now the only ride they have to school in the morning, which is one after the other. 

I have a lot of photos of kittens this week since they are the only ones around right now. The long haired tabby disappeared for three weeks and then came back. She always does this. 

Made the boys funfetti pancakes for their last day of freedom before school. Of course, none of them wanted to eat them. Husband had a tall stack of sugar-loaded pancakes. Yum!

The crazy baby kitten rolled in her own puddle of pee and then sat in the water bowl... I don't know if she's smart or dumb. We shall see.

Had a wonderful dinner last week of Mongolian Beef. Super delicious.

Back to the grind. See you next week.

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