Life Confessions: Post #5


The lifestyle of a PNW mom, avid reader, exballerina and food lover.

Some weeks come at me like a hurricane and they bring a lot of chaos and emotions that take a while to come down from. 

We are dealing with kitten chaos. Can't keep them in the box, but still trying to cuddle with them since they won't be with us long. Birthday festivities for our youngest son that spanned several days and both sides of the family. Along with the husband going through the motions of job interviews for a job of a lifetime for him, his stress and excitement that comes with all that.

Its just been a lot.

Kitten Update

The babies are now 6 weeks and coming up on their time to go to their forever homes. They cannot be contained, bot that I think they should be. Living in a small box that once held a dishwasher is no life, but at the same time, having them underfoot can be a lot. I think the worst part is following them around, cleaning up their messes since they are still learning to use the littler box. 

The worst one is War, the little girl that has a bummed eye. Its swollen and pushing on her inner ear causing her to wobble and fall a lot. So much so that she needs to be held in place when she is using the litter box so she doesn't fall over. Of course you have to catch her in the moment to give her help, so that can be difficult. 

The little dwarf kitten will be going to his home this week also. We will miss Dapper Daniel, but he won't be far at my best friends home, so we will be able to see him again. The boys are happy with this arrangement and would only give that little baby up if they could see him again.

Birthday Boy

My youngest is finally in the double digits and now I'm feeling old. He wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory for the first time since he is super into cheesecake right now. I've never been and it was a fun experience. We invited some of youngest's favorite people to share the experience with us and it was a blast.

The food was good. I wouldn't say it was super special, but it was tasty and there was plenty of it. It was the cheesecake that we went there for and OMG, it was incredible. All the boys had the widest eyes when the server put a huge piece of cheesecake with the larges Oreo cookie on top of it in front of them. 

We will definitely be going back again.

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