Life Confessions: Post #4

The lifestyle of a PNW mom, avid reader, exballerina and food lover. 

I read this quote last night as I was slowly rocking in my porch swing, watching the sunset. It held so many truths for me.

Yesterday was a day like this. Uneventful, calm, wonderful. The kids seemed to be going with the flow and existing in a calm state of mind. Its very few and far between these days happen and I embrace them fully.

Today, its like the exact opposite. The are wild and rambunctious, loud and crazy. Every little thing has to be screamed and hands are flying. So far, we haven't had any serious altercations, but I can see the exhaustion in their eyes, even though they refuse to rest. How I would give anything to go back to yesterday.

Kitten Update

After the loss of our precious little Hex, the other kittens have taken up the roll of cute little fuzz balls. War is the one I've been giving most my attention to since she is having issues with her left eye. Its all swollen up and her balance is off. She falls all over the place, knocking her head into things. I feel so bad for her. The vet thinks she will have to have her eye removed when she is older. She's blind in it anyway, so its not going to be a huge loss to her.

First City Fair

Apparently, Oregon City has a First City Fair every summer, but I've been oblivious too it. I've lived here almost my entire life and this year was the 12th annual fair. My hubby and I went and took our good friend, Amy. The boys didn't want to go and be near all the people and loud noises. I can't blame them. It was over 90 degrees and in the direct sun most the time. Even though it was just us weird adults, we had a lot of fun. I even ran into a bunch of people I knew running booths. My husband kept rolling his eyes when someone called my name. Its not my fault. Oregon City has a small town vibe even though its not so small. Love it.

Picked up a purple Pokémon hat for Captain Grumpy. He's wearing it, so he must like it. Also found a very small Rubik's cube and had to solve it. Now I can take a cube with me everywhere I go.

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