Life Confessions: Post #1


Wow, what a week. You know, there is one thing I hear from almost everyone I tell my story too. "I don't know how you do it." To tell you the truth, sometimes neither do I. 

This last week was pure chaos, and when I tell you its all because we had no internet, you might not understand how such a trivial thing could throw our entire family into turmoil, but its something that intertwines throughout our entire lives. Work, learning, entertainment. Its a small wire of life that keeps me sane and gives my neurodivergent kids stability.

We went 9 days without internet. 9 painful days of attempting to work on a mobile hotspot while the kids rocked, ran and screamed below my loft. Oy vey! We made it through though.

Kitten Update

The kittens are doing great at almost three weeks. There is still one little boy that is struggling with flat chested kitten syndrome and is having a hard time gaining weight, but we've been supplementing him with kitten formula and it seems to be doing the trick. Cross your fingers for him.

Highlights of the week. The kittens are walking. Their eyes are fully open and their little ears are perking up. I don't think their dishwasher box will hold them for long.

Wedding Time

Saturday, we had the honor of attending the wedding of some good friends Oliver and Sarah.


The wedding was beautiful and my husband even managed to get his hands on someone's baby. Its been a while since ours were that small and it melts my heart to see him cuddling with a sleepy child.

Thanks for sticking around long enough to read my full life post and putting up with my photo dumping from last week. I'm so glad things have calmed down around the hovel. I'm just going to breathe until the next disaster happens.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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