Sunday Confessions #195


Hello Sunday!

The sunshine is on its way and this means we have a chance of having a finished driveway by the time this post goes live. We've been waiting on the weather since last summer. This project is holding up all our other projects. The front yard. The backyard. Both the mini truck and the mini car. All these things can't start until the driveway is done. Cross your fingers.


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Sunday Confessions #196

I have a new section this week for my Sunday confessions. This is my recipe recap. 

Usually, we love the recipes we try and some of them make it on my "Delicious" board on Pinterest, but every once and a while a recipe falls flat. That happened last week giving me the idea to recap the good and the bad meals we've tried.

You can find all the recipes I'm reviewing here.

Lets start with the Grilled Flank Steak with Burrata Cheese and Pesto. This was delicious. The cheese counter lady at the grocery store talked me into Water Buffalo Burrata cheese, and I have to say it was delicious. My husband broke the grill out for the first time this year, and that marinade was to die for. 5 star recipe. Ended up on the delicious board. 

Sorry about the terrible photo from my Instagram. I thought about sharing this meal half way through eating it, it was that delicious.

A huge fail this week was Instant Pot Chicken Ramen Stir Fry. I think it was the noodles I used. 

Since I have to eat gluten free, its usually easier for me to use gluten free spaghetti noodles for ramen since I've never had good luck with rice noodles. Somehow, the sauce I put in the pot disappeared completely. This dish had absolutely no flavor. I'm going to chalk this one up as an accident and blame it on the noodles.

If anyone reading this has a good gluten free chicken ramen recipe they could share, I would be grateful. 

Knee deep into the current season of Chicago Med and my husband and I just binge watched the last season of The Librarians. We loved this show and are super sad it's no longer running.

29/100 2023 Reading Challenge

Cross your fingers for the drive way and drop a link to your gluten free ramen recipe in the comments. Have a happy week.

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