Book Review: You're on an Airplane by Parker Posey


Title: You're on an Airplane

By: Parker Posey

Genre: Memoir

Pages: 320

Release Date: July 24th, 2018

Publisher: Blue Rider Press

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Summary from Goodreads:

It's hard not to love Parker Posey. A singularly gifted actress with a wickedly funny personality that belies her movie star status, her cross-generational fame stems from starring roles in such unforgettable movies as Dazed and ConfusedParty Girl, and You've Got Mail, and her recurring roles in Christopher Guest's mockumentaries, including his most recent, Mascots, on Netflix.

With remarkable candor and a refreshing perspective on life in the spotlight, Posey opens up about the art of acting, life on the set, and the realities of its accompanying fame. She explores her relationships with brilliant directors like Christopher Guest and Woody Allen, as well as the nerves and expectations that come with the territory. A funny and authentic childhood prepared Posey for a life of creating and entertaining, which not only extends to acting but to the craft of pottery, sewing, collage, yoga and cooking, all of which readers will find in this highly entertaining book. In You're On an Airplane, Posey delves into her personal style--unique, famously inspiring, and never indebted to trends--as well as her approach to everyday life on and off set. Laugh-out-loud advice from her legendary Greenwich Village therapist Mildred Newman appears alongside poignant portrayals of painful relationships and the love she has for her dog, Gracie. For fans of Nora Ephron's spot-on commentary, Jenny Lawson's absurdly comical foibles, Amy Sedaris's unexpectedly hilarious quips, and Carrie Brownstein's cool-girl appeal, You're On an Airplane proves Posey has a voice that will enchant fans and old and new alike.


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Although I've always been a fan of Parker Posey's quirky attitude, but I had hoped for more out of this memoir.

There is a lot to be said for pulling random stories from memory and weaving them together into an interesting, yet cohesive tale. This book was not that. Posey seemed to write somewhat interesting stories, but they seemed 100% random and made absolutely no sense. Toward the end of the book, I lost interest as the words on the page seemed mundane and over used. It was almost like Posey was bored of her own stories.

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