Book Review: I Let You Fall by Sara Downing


Title: I Let You Fall

By: Sara Downing

Genre: Fiction

Pages: Unknown

Release Date: June 20th, 2022

Publisher: Quilla Books

Rating: ★★★★☆


Summary from Goodreads:

On a summer night in London, art teacher Eve Chapman finds herself in a hospital emergency room. She watches surgeons desperately operate on a young woman with a terrible head injury. But when the bandages are removed, Eve is horrified to find her own body on the operating table.

Trapped in a coma, Eve struggles to cope with the fact that no matter how hard she tries, her family and friends cannot see or hear her. But then she meets Luca Diaz, a handsome and comatose lawyer who can see her. He takes Eve under his wing and teaches her how to use her new abilities to help the living.

As the weeks pass, Eve struggles to find a way back to her body and to Nathan, the man she loves. But the more time she spends with Luca, the more she wonders if her old life is worth going back to at all. 


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What would you do if you were stuck between life and death?

This story is sweat and heart warming, but emotional. Eve finds herself having an out of body experience after a tragic accident leaves her mind in a coma. She struggles to accept what is happening to her and all she wants to do is communicate with her family who are devastated.

Eve goes on a journey, learning about what truly means and struggles with her feelings for Luca in the in-between.

This was a wonderful story that played with every emotion possible and left me feeling full. I loved it.

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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