3 Short Stories Worth Reading


Some days just call for a short story that makes your mind work, but doesn't over stimulate it.

These are the last three short stories that I loved. Ring Shout is a must read. Escape from Spiderhead, enough said since its now a movie staring Chris Hemsworth and The Lottery has a Hunger Game vibe that's highly disturbing, but worth the read.

The Lottery

In a small American town, the local residents are abuzz with excitement and nervousness when they wake on the morning of the twenty-seventh of June. Everything has been prepared for the town’s annual tradition—a lottery in which every family must participate, and no one wants to win.

Since I've read this short story, it has been removed from Goodreads. Not sure why, but you can google Escape from Spider Head by George Saunders to find the complete story for free online. 

Ring Shout

In America, demons wear white hoods.

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