Movie Review: The Breach


Title: Breach

Genre: Scifi

Release Date: December 8th, 2020 

My Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

IMDB Rating: 3.0 out of 10

Cast: Cody Kearsley, Bruce Willis, Rachel Nichols


Summary from IMDB: 

On the cusp of fatherhood, a junior mechanic aboard an interstellar ark to New Earth must outwit a malevolent cosmic terror intent on using the spaceship as a weapon.


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If I had done just an ounce of research on this movie, I would have saved myself an hour and a half of misery. Although, I do have some fodder for my blog because of it, so I guess its a toss up.

I'm a huge fan of Bruce Willis. Loves the Fifth Element. It happens to be one of my all time favorite movies. So I thought it would be safe to watch another on of Willis' scifi masterpieces, right? Wrong... OMG... Here we go...

The movie started off with a unique concept although not very well explained. The world has been trashed as only us humans can do, so a few elite humans have been picked to go by spaceship to "New Earth." This is done by some kind of hyperdrive that shoots the ship many years into the future and then it only takes six months on the ship from there to New Earth. Most the passengers are in cryo pods with a small crew to maintain the ship and perform daily functions.

Of course, someone sabotage the ship, bringing aboard some kind of strange alien parasite that copies the DNA of its host and then brutally murders them. Of course, everyone starts dying and things get weird. Somewhere in there, the crew is getting drunk on some kind of acid/bleach alcohol drink that turns out to be their saving grace.

When the ship seems to be lost along with its thirty thousand sleeping residence, Willis decides to blow up the ship before it gets to New Earth. Of course he sends the love birds in an escape pod to save them before BOOM!

Here is your spoiler alert!

These aliens are already on New Earth and the love birds are thrown into another terrible day in space.

The one liners are corny, the script is terrible and the only saving grace is Willis, who's acting is still phenomenal.

Don't watch this movie unless you think I'm lying about the absolute suckage I have just witnessed or you like train wrecks.

This has been my rant of the day. Thank you for listening.

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