January 2021 Wrap Up


I don't know about you, but January seemed to fly by. I'm not convinced that 2021 is any better than last year, but the year is still young, so we shall see. So far, I'm not convinced.

Reading is still slower than normal. I think its the fact that I'm working from home with more distractions and music at my fingertips. Even with all that is going on around me, I did manage to read 7 books... That's not really that great by my standards. Well, shoot. Get a grip, Sara!

Let's recap those 7.

27/196 in my Star Wars Legends challenge
17/20 in my Scotland challenge
44/341 Gilmore Girls challenge
44/100 in my 100 books before you die challenge

I'm going to make my reading goal for February 8 books. Lets start off this year slow, lol.

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