Book Review: Small Magic by Terry Brooks


Title: Small Magic

By: Terry Brooks

Genre: Fantasy

Pages: 432

Release Date: March 2nd, 2021

Publisher: Del Rey Books

Rating: ★★★★☆


Summary from Goodreads:

Escape to worlds full of adventure and magic in the first-ever Terry Brooks short story collection, featuring both new and fan-favorite stories from all three of his major literary worlds: Shannara, Magic Kingdom, and The Word & The Void.

Terry Brooks offers readers both new and long-forgotten glimpses into all of his most beloved worlds.

Here are heroes fighting new battles and struggling to conquer the ghosts of the past. Here are quests both small and far-reaching; heroism both intimate and vast. Here we learn of Garet Jax's childhood, see how Allanon first located Shea Ohmsford, and follow an old wing-rider at the end of his life. Here we see knights of the Word fighting demons within and without, and witness Ben Holiday and his daughter each trying to overcome the unique challenges that Landover offers.

Perfect for any Terry Brooks fan, this collection of eleven tales is a must-have addition to the Terry Brooks canon, and a wonderful reminder of what makes a Brooks story such a timeless classic. 


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This was a wonderful compilation of characters. I enjoyed diving deeper into the worlds of Terry Brooks and learning more about some familiar characters and some new ones as well. Brooks' imagination is a wonderful place and it goes far beyond what we read on paper. I really enjoyed this read.
Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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