Weekly Menu #369 And The Book Of The Week

Its Monday again. I'm glad to say that we survived the Oregon fires so far. We are on level 2 evacuation which is get ready to go at a moments notice. Our living room is full of bags and items to take with us if we do have to leave, but from what I've heard, the winds have shifted and are not blowing in our direction any longer. I never thought I would have to evacuate my home due to a fire. The city is supposed to be safe. This just proves that anything can happen in 2020.

With all the stress of the week, I didn't read as much as I had wanted. Loss of sleep and time spent prepping my house for evac has really taken its tole. I still picked a book of the week though. I'm certain I will read at least one this week. 

For your reading pleasure, join me in between the pages of By Force Alone by Lavie Tidhar. This book sounds epic and I can't wait to read it. 

Because of the fire threat last week, we didn't make dinner much so there will be a few repeat recipes. Please forgive me. Without further adieu, this weeks menu. Enjoy!







Leftovers Night

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