Book Review: White Fragility by Robin Deangelo

Title: White Fragility
By: Robin Diangelo
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: 187
Release Date: June 26th, 2018
Publisher: Beacon Press
Rating: ★★★★☆

Summary from Goodreads:

Groundbreaking book exploring the counterproductive reactions white people have when discussing racism that serve to protect their positions and maintain racial inequality

Antiracist educator Robin DiAngelo first coined the term "white fragility" in 2011, and since then it's been invoked by critics from Samantha Bee to Charles Blow. "White fragility" refers to the defensive moves that white people make when challenged racially. These include emotions such as anger, fear, and guilt, and behaviors including argumentation and silence. In this book, DiAngelo unpacks white fragility, explaining the underlying sociological phenomena. She'll draw on examples from her work and scholarship, as well as from the culture at large, to address these fundamental questions: How does white fragility develop? What does it look like? How is it triggered? What can we do to move beyond white fragility and engage more constructively?


I've found that you either love this book or you hate it. Its either a wonderful insight into the minds of white people who struggle with racism, or its so simple and plane that we should be ashamed of ourselves for reading it. No matter what you thought about this book, you still read it, didn't you? Because you wanted to know why white people, why you, have a hard time talking about racism. 

I did enjoy reading this book and maybe that makes me a simple person, but it still makes me a person that wants to understand and to move forward to create a better world for my children. 

This is as political as I am going to get on this blog and I hope you all have taken your own steps toward understanding. No matter how you get there, just get there and teach the next generation to be better than we are.

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