Book Review: Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

Title: Anna Karenina
By: Leo Tolstoy
Genre: Historical Fiction
Pages: 964
Release Date: 1877
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Summary from Goodreads:

Acclaimed by many as the world's greatest novel, Anna Karenina provides a vast panorama of contemporary life in Russia and of humanity in general. In it Tolstoy uses his intense imaginative insight to create some of the most memorable characters in all of literature. Anna is a sophisticated woman who abandons her empty existence as the wife of Karenin and turns to Count Vronsky to fulfil her passionate nature - with tragic consequences. Levin is a reflection of Tolstoy himself, often expressing the author's own views and convictions.

Throughout, Tolstoy points no moral, merely inviting us not to judge but to watch. As Rosemary Edmonds comments, 'He leaves the shifting patterns of the kaleidoscope to bring home the meaning of the brooding words following the title, 'Vengeance is mine, and I will repay.



What would it take for you to leave everything you know, your husband, your son, your whole life? A handsome face and the promise of true love. This book follows Anna, a woman who is happily married, but there is something lacking in her life... Passion.

When a young handsome man promises her just what she wants, Anna chooses to leave everything behind to follow him, but when her world stats to unravel and the weight of what she had done starts to seep in, her mind begins to break from the pain. In the end, there can be no peace.

I felt deeply saddened from this story. My inner mind kept screaming, "Don't do it," but she did and it was not as wonderful as she had hoped. This was a tragic story that will take some time to get over, but worth every wonderful moment.

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