November 2019 Wrap Up

I can't believe November is already over... The year is already over. I'm almost ready for Christmas which is unusual for me. I'm that person who waits until the last minute to buy my Christmas gifts. Not this year. I got a jump on it and am almost finished.

I hope you're making good headway on you Christmas shopping, but also have time to do some reading. I know my reading has been slower than normal, but what is slow, really? I guess slow for me. Here are the books I read in November. Enjoy!

Nothing worth 5 stars this month...

I'm on the last book of my Best of Goodreads 2018 Challenge. I can definitely finish it before the end of December. 

12/50 for my read around the country challenge.

4/196 for my Star Wars story line challenge.

30/341 for my Gilmore Girls challenge. 

Hoping to work on these more in 2020.

 It was a great November. Only read 14 books, but still reading. I have a few review books to get through and a book club book to finish. I can't wait to see what December brings. 

What was your favorite book you read in November?

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