Best of Goodreads Challenge Update

My quest to read all the best books of 2018 on Goodreads has become slow and daunting, but I'm determined to finish. I think its the fact that I don't like half the genres, so the books don't appeal to me. I loved about half the books I've read and hated the other half. Here is how I am doing so far.

Books I've Read

Leah on the off beat - Didn't like
The hate you give - Loved
The great alone - Loved

The last black unicorn - Loved
Educated - Loved
I'll be gone in the dark - Loved the first half

I am enough - Loved
Herding Cats - Absolutely loved
The witch doesn't burn in this one - Didn't like

Circe - Didn't like
The outsider - Didn't like
The kiss quotient - Loved 

Elevation - Didn't like
Cravings: Hungry for more - Indifferent

Books I Haven't Read Yet

 I'm excited to read all three of these books. They seem to be right up my ally.

Th rise and fall of the dinosaurs doesn't sound very interesting to me, but my son thought it was. The other two books, I've read the first book in the series and liked them, So these two should be great.

This is a must read.

I've done the math, and if I can read 1.75 books a month for the rest of the year, I will get through the last 7 books in this challenge. This is doable, but I still have to read all my Netgalley requests and keep up with my TBR pile. 

We are in the final months of 2019, what book challenges are you working on?


  1. Great books! I actually read the one by Rick Riordan and Kingdom of Ash. Several others are on my to-read-list!