July 2019 Wrap Up

Its time to wrap up July and move on to August. I have to say, I think I over did it a little, but it feels good to be back in the reading groove. 24 books in July. Do you think I read enough? Lets recap those awesome reads.

Super Turbo vs. the Pencil Pointer

(Super Turbo #3)

He’s not just the class pet hamster, he’s SUPER TURBO! Super Turbo battles the evil Pencil Pointer in this third book of the Super Turbo chapter book series.

You know Turbo as the hamster sidekick from the Captain Awesome books. But ever wonder what actually goes on when the last school bell rings and Turbo is left to his own devices? He’s SUPER TURBO and he’s here to fight evil in and out of the classroom!

In this third book, there’s a new villain in the classroom. He’s big, he’s shiny, and he can sharpen a pencil like Super Turbo has never seen. And he stares at Turbo. All. Day. Long. But just when Turbo begins to think that the Pencil Pointer might not be that evil…the villain starts spewing pencil shavings! If he keeps at it, Turbo’s hamster home will be destroyed. Then Turbo learns that evil isn’t only trying to take over his classroom. The rest of the classroom pets are battling their own Pencil Pointers! Can the Superhero Superpet League stop the Pencil Pointers and save the school—and themselves?

With easy-to-read language, illustrations, and comic panels on almost every page, the Super Turbo chapter books are perfect for emerging readers!

Last Ones Left Alive

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

This month wasn't too bad. Managed to read some ARC's, some book club books and some TBR books. What have you been reading? Share in the comments below. 


  1. 24 books is really good! You've read some great ones too.