Children Are A Vital Gift | The Edison Gene By Thom Harmann

Title: The Edison Gene
By: Thom Harmann
Genre: Non-Fiction
Pages: 280
Release Date: January 14th, 2005
Publisher: Park Street Press

Summary from Goodreads: Thomas Edison was expelled from school for behavior that today would label him as having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but his mother understood how to salvage his self-esteem and prepare him for a lifetime of success. In The Edison Gene Thom Hartmann shows that the creativity, impulsiveness, and distractibility that are characteristic of ADHD are not signs of a disorder at all, but instead are components of a highly adaptive skill set utilized by our hunting and gathering ancestors. These characteristics have been critical to the survival and development of our modern civilization and will be vital as humanity faces new challenges in the future.

Hartmann, creator of the “hunter versus farmer” theory of ADHD, examines the latest discoveries confirming the existence of an ADHD gene and the global catastrophe 40,000 years ago that triggered its development. Citing examples of significant innovators in our modern era, he argues that the children who possess the “Edison gene” have neurology that is wired to give them brilliant success as innovators, inventors, explorers, and entrepreneurs. He offers concrete strategies for helping Edison-gene children reach their full potential and shows that rather than being “problems,” such children are a vital gift to our society and the world.

Review: My middle son struggles every day with emotions and actions that he can't control. Most people call him a wild child or a bad kid. We call him son. People have a certain perception when it comes to my son. They look at me like I'm a bad mother and that my son is going to grow up to be the scum of the earth. This is far from the truth.

I have read many books about ADHD and how to deal with it. They all say the same thing, there is nothing we can do and we have to learn to deal with it. This book gives me hope. This book tells me that there is more beyond ADHD and that my son could have the Edison gene. 

After reading this book, my family changed the way we dealt with my son's out bursts. Its only been a few days, but we have had the most peaceful days we've ever had. 

Even if you don't think your child has the Edison gene, not all kids with ADHD do, this book still has a lot of insight into the origins of ADHD and how to deal with situations that arise from it. Read it, love it, do it. Its that simple. 

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