The very heart of the Misery | Ravencry by Ed McDonald

Title: RavenCry
By: Ed McDonald
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 380
Release Date: June 18th, 2018
Publisher: Gollancz

Summary from Goodreads: Four years have passed since Nall’s Engine drove the Deep Kings back across the Misery, but as they hurl fire from the sky, darker forces plots against the republic.

A new power is rising: a ghost in the light known only as the Bright Lady manifests in visions across the city, and the cult that worship her grasp for power even as the city burns around them.

When Crowfoot’s arcane vault is breached, an object of terrible power is stolen, and Galharrow and his Blackwings must once find out which of Valengrad’s enemies is responsible before they have a chance to use it.

To save Valengrad, Galharrow, Nenn and Tnota must venture to a darker, more twisted and more dangerous place than any they’ve walked before: the very heart of the Misery.

RAVENCRY is the second book in the Raven’s Mark series, continuing the story that began with the award winning epic fantasy BLACKWING.

Review: I'm always a fan of Ed McDonald's work. He has a unique world that I'm excited to explore. The characters were solid and full of life. The story had depth and was unpredictable. I was actually scared after wrapping up Blackwing, that this book was going to fall short of the greatness that McDonald had already created. I was not disappointed. 

Four stars for Ravencry! 

Received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.

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